This and That

Whenever Senpai talks about bio stuff it’s so fascinating man. While people like moi have spent the year doing pointless, weird, extra (is that how you use that word now? I really hate how people use ‘extra’ now, partly cuz I really don’t get it very well, and partly cuz there’s already other words in […]

what’s french for fml

Okay. I am not going to blame WordPress, or social media stress, or my fucked up life in general, because somehow or the other inactivity on a project always comes attributing itself to me. Also I am currently writing this in class, which, yes, two years ago would have been 15 yr old Senpai’s exact […]

this growing responsibility

What have I become? An apathetic acquaintance would casually whisper to the next person in my plaintive audience, “seventeen plus.” But I keep the truth fairly well shielded within my finally pimple-rid-but-still-angsty soul; hold on though, this may sound really corny, I am not ready. Remember when kids waited with bated breath King Kylie’s eighteenth […]

incomplete journeys

I am a creature of solitude, obligate languor and snug confinement, which I mean in a non-kinky way, of course. These two defining attributes are unfairly joined to the futile but respected trait of human cognition which sometimes makes me suffer a great deal of alienation from beings with higher functioning who surround me. Indirect consequences […]

Actually Trying Something Out For A Bit #1

Whoaaa, coming back to this page feels like walking among old ruins of unfinished monuments. As someone who used to be on the crew planning said monument out. Rather awe-inspiring, but kind of nostalgic, and slightly cringy. I just googled whether cringy is a real word, becuz it shows the red squiggly underline underneath the […]